To know Jesus and make Him known

Whether you've just moved to the Upper Highway area, or have lived here all your life we'd love to welcome you at St Agnes and get to know you.

Our aim is to be a welcoming Christian community, embodying as well as proclaiming the gospel of Jesus. We try to cater for people of all ages, from the very youngest child to the oldest adult. We have a range of Sunday services and midweek activities which aims to encourage people with different needs and at different stages of life. 

The Church of the Holy Spirit

Krantzkloof station

In 1896, Krantzkloof station (which became Kloof Station, and is presently Stokers) was built on the Durban – Pietermaritzburg railway line. Clergy from St John's Anglican Church in Pinetown would trek up Field's Hill once a month to conduct services and celebrate Holy Communion.

The Church of the Holy Spirit

In 1904 the first church in Kloof was built of wood and iron, on the site of the present Church. It was called the “Church of the Holy Spirit” and fell under the Parish of Pinetown. When it was time for a new Church to be built, the Church of the Holy Spirit was taken to Hillcrest and later to the Valley of a Thousand Hills, where it stayed until it was moved to Pineville Junction, Pinetown, where it is today.

The Parish of Kloof

The Foundation Stone was laid on the 15th August 1936 and was consecrated on 10th March 1937. St Agnes became an independent parish from Pinetown in 1946. The parish was also responsible for the chapelries of local private schools like St Mary’s and Highbury School. In 1947 a mission church in Hillcrest was planted.

The Auditorium

In 2002, talks of embarking on a major building project began. These finally came into action in 2006, when the hall was demolished, and the construction of a new 1000 seater auditorium and Children's Ministry Centre began. Phase 1 of this project was completed in April 2007.

To know Jesus and make Him known

Our vision is two-fold, both inreach and outreach. To be touched and formed by God's life as encountered in Christ Jesus, and allowing ourselves to be caught up in the stream of God's action, through the life of the Spirit with all those with whom we come into contact. It is about the Great Commission, that Jesus gave to His Church.

2024 Ministerial Calendar

Our church calendar serves as a crucial tool for planning, organizing, and guiding the activities and events within our community throughout the year. It includes the selection of scriptures, themes and significant seasons such as Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost, allowing for meaningful and intentional worship services, celebrations, and observances.

Rectors of St Agnes


Canon Peter Houston


Revd Nigel Juckes


Canon Charles Parry


Revd John Henderson


Revd Tom Harris


Bishop Philip Russell


Revd Richard Brooke


Revd George C. Oakley


Revd R. Yates


Revd Haywood Harris


Revd John Blore