Our Vision is NOW – New life, One body, Whole community.

New Life

When God speaks, life and light and matter are created from the void. Dry bones come alive and become a living army.  The Jesus of the Gospels brings heaven to earth and ushers in the life of the Kingdom of God through healing, deliverance and other wondrous signs. The Holy Spirit in scripture is linked with images of water, wind and fire – dynamic and powerful elements of movement and change.  At St Agnes we aim to create space for God to move by his Holy Spirit – in services, ministries and outreaches – so that we may see heaven come on earth and the radical life and hope of Jesus Christ made known to all.

One Body

The Early Church was birthed in a spirit of togetherness and unity as the Body of Christ. People met regularly in homes.  They shared their lives together, cared for one another and witnessed to a transforming Kingdom culture that overcame all social boundaries.  At St Agnes we aim to grow authentic Christian relationships where newcomers are quickly drawn into the life of the church and where every member grows deeper in their faith by belonging to a Home Group.

Whole Community

God through the prophet Ezekiel said he would search for his sheep and seek them out.  Jesus’ ministry served the lost sheep.  He pursued an energetic outreach to those deemed to be on the margins of society.  At St Agnes we aim to seek the lost, bear the burden of restoration and share the joy of home-coming.  We long to see those far from God raised to new life in Christ. We pray to see homes transformed and whole communities changed as the gospel of God is proclaimed by every member in both word and deed.

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